Our founders’ experience has been acquired having spent over ten years in the field, building bridges between policy makers, HEIs, industries, NGOs and the general public. This has enabled us to develop and promote effective tools that alert higher education stakeholders of the challenges and solutions for competitive higher education. The following types of projects have been covered:

Strategic planning and research

Strategic planning and research

Undertaking competitiveness review, institutional analysis, and HEIs benchmarking.

Providing long-term planning for strategic development, incl. vision and strategic development maps for HEIs.

Developing short-term action plans for HEIs.

Gaining practical experience in HEIs academic work and governance.

Financial and strategic partnerships

Financial and strategic partnerships

Representing interests of financial partners and coordinating the promotion of higher education excellence initiatives.

Developing full documentation for a grant programme in higher education as per financial partner’s request.

Establishing international partnerships between HEIs in EU and third countries for reputation and knowledge transfer purposes.

Studying and gathering information about industry needs and expectations.

Matching industry needs with the HEIs potential and defining any required refinements.

Constructing short and long term models to excel cross-industry partnerships.

Reputation and <br> networking

Reputation and

Strengthening the reputation of higher education with public relations tools.

Implementing HEI communication / communication crisis plans.

Organising large-scale higher education public events.

Facilitating networking for students and alumni.