Helena Bruzelius, Communications Strategist at Stockholm University

Helena works with brand management at Stockholm University. She has more than 20 years of experience from work with strategic communication, brand development, business development, marketing and sales, project- and process management within the private and the public sector – i e Nielsen Marketing Research, Kraft General Foods, Civil Aviation Authority – Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, Blomquist Annonsbyrå (advertising agency).

Petteri Sinervo, Head of development at the Business and Innovation Development Center of the University of Turku
During the past 15 years Petteri has been leading dozens of business development, venture creation and start-up projects. He is also a lecturer in the fields of IPR utilization, SME finance and growth management. Prior joining the university he held executive positions in software business. Petteri has a master degree both in business economics and law.
Elisabeth Faret, Manager of UiS EVU at University of Stavanger.

UiS EVU is the Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning unit of the University of Stavanger.

Elisabeth’s recent managerial positions include heading up the business division of Fokus Bank (Stavanger), the market development activities of Greater Stavanger (regional OBC seup), and being Regional Manager of KLM Royal Dutch Airline/Air France. Elisabeth is an expert catalyst, and has active positions in a number of associations and organizations, primarily regional. Elisabeth has her MBA from the Norwegian Business School in Oslo, and she has studied at the University of Tromsø, the University of Bergen and the University of Stavanger. She is also a board member of The Norwegian Ice Hockey Association.

Anita Lice
Anita Līce, Adviser on Education and Employment Affairs at the LDDK

Anita is also a member of the Advisory Committees on Vocational Education and Training and on Free Movement of Workers of the European Commission and Alternate member of the EUROFOUND Governing Board. Before her work at LDDK, Anita had been a vice-chairperson of the European Students’ Union (ESU), being responsible for organization’s management. She had been working also for the Ministry of Education and Science. Anita has higher education in Mathematics and Education Science from the University of Latvia.

Monika Kavaliauskė

Monika Kavaliauske, Head of Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization Department at Vilnius University

Monika has worked in a high tech business, including such sectors as IT, pharmaceuticals and biotech. Moreover she has experience in international and national research and development projects, acting as projects manager.
Inga Sina, coordinator of „Establishing industry sector qualification system and improving effectiveness and quality of professional education”, LDDK

Inga has a PhD in economics. Her professional experience includes employment in LDDK, National coordinator of EU projects, Project of European Social Fund „Establishing industry sector qualification system and improving effectiveness and quality of professional education”, JSC Rietumu Bank,  Head of the Board of daughter company, University College of Economics and Culture. She is also a member of Latvian association of Economists.

Mikus Losans

Mikus Losāns, Head of Business incubator of University of Latvia, young entrepreneur

Mikus is leading and developing preincubation phase incubator at University of Latvia with target to make an organization that will help students, who want to become entrepreneurs, to develop business and to get to the point, when the student can go further on his own with viable business project and viable team.
Matiss Neimanis, Manager of Innovation center at University of Latvia

In order to test knowledge in field of innovation and entrepreneurship in practice, he is going to be responsible for starting and running “Green Industry Innovation center” or Green Technology incubator established by two largest universities in Latvia (University of Latvia and Riga Technical University) together with partner from Norway (SIVA).

Mr Neimanis has studied in Latvia and in Norway taking the best from both education systems. He is the one who has followed the trend of multidisciplinary and got doctoral degree in sociology despite previous education has been in field of economics.

Henrika Sakiene, Head of International Business and Marketing Chair at SMK University of Apllied Social Sciences

Henrika has a 7 year experience as a director of international company and a wide experience in business management. She is working as a business consultant for more than 10 years. Recent 5 years Henrika is a lecturer and Head of International Business and Marketing Chair in the  SMK.

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